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The truth is, the secret is YOU.  You are the secret to your own success.  It all depends on the decisions you make and the attitude you choose to take on.

Dream Bigger Than Your Excuses

I recently saw a quote that said, “Success occurs when your dreams are bigger than your excuses.”  That is very true.  When you start making excuses for why you can’t succeed, your dreams have become overshadowed by the excuses.  So, I have two questions for you:

What are your excuses? 

What are those things that you are holding onto that is keeping you from success?  In other words, what are you blaming for your lack of success?  Some people blame other people, or the systems, or their circumstances, etc.  Your excuses are not true.  There are others who have been in your same situation, faced the same circumstances, and they were able to overcome them and succeed.  You can too.  You just have to dream bigger.

Second question: what are your dreams?  What drives you?  What is your purpose?  What is the legacy you want to leave?  What contributions do you want to make?  And when you have those answers, reach for them.  Reach for your dreams.  Be determined that no matter what you will achieve your dreams.  For when your dreams become bigger than all of those little excuses, you are bound to have success.

Get Mad at Failure

For some people, failure is not an option.  Those people go on to become widely successful in Network Marketing.  Those people looked at all of their failures and got mad.  They got fed up with only living to a fraction of their potential.  Fed up with crawling when they should have been running.  Fed up with society making them fit into a certain system.  Fed up with going to a job they didn’t enjoy.  Fed up with being a slave to debts and bad habits.

They got mad.

That anger gave them strength and the power to step into a different level of conviction, belief, and decision. 

They determined that they were going to make it happen.

You will have that day too.  The day when you decide that enough is enough.  The day you decide that you are mad and fed up with all of the things holding you back.  The day that you take all of the passion and determination inside of you and show it to the world.

Maybe today is that day, maybe you need to sleep on it some more, but I know that day will come where you stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”

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Reach for Success

Everything you need for success is within your reach.  Regardless of your background, experience, or education, success is within your reach.

But here’s the catch: you have to reach.

There are tools out there that will help you become a successful Network Marketing professional.  But you have to reach for them.  There are books out there, but you have to buy them and read them.  There are Network Marketing events that will help, but you have to go and attend them.  Your company has products that can assist you, but you have to use them.

Success will not come to you.  Reach.  Ask.  Search.

I promise you the information is out there to become successful.  But you have to take that step and reach for it.  That’s what turned it around for me.  I kept waiting for my upline to tell me, my company to provide it, the training to work.  I expected it all to come to me.  Until I finally realized that if I reached out, everything I needed was there.

Everything you need for success is within your reach, but you have to reach for it.

The Secret to Your Success in Network Marketing

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