Things to Bear in Mind When It Comes to Booklet Printing

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Booklet printing is a fantastic way to make an impact on customers. This print solution is use by thousands of companies around the world as part of their marketing campaigns. As with any printed materials, there are certain factors you must bear in mind to make sure that you do the best results and the highest quality materials that can give you a positive and professional image moving forward.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is to decide what you want to use the booklet for. Do you want to produce an information book on the products and services you give to hand to your clients, do you want to create a user manual or do you want to advertise all your new products that you have recently added to your portfolio?

Knowing what you want to use the booklet printing for can help you find how many pages you want to create. Remember you can choose from different sizes, including A4 and A5 and then the pages run from eight all the way to forty-eight, giving you more than enough space to give your customers with the information you want to share.

Pay very close attention to the cover. The cover of your booklet should find what the book is about and what message you are trying to portray. In addition to this, you want your cover of the highest quality. Ensure you only use the highest quality graphics to make a great impact when you hand your new booklet to customers to take home with them.

Any images you use throughout the booklet is the highest resolution. The last thing you want is for your booklet printing to arrive with blurred pictures.

The images you choose shouldn’t only be of the highest quality, they should also relevant to what your promotion is all about. If you are promoting products, make sure you choose some good quality images of the products on sale or offer, ensuring your customers get the information you are trying to portray.

Font is also essential when it comes to booklet printing. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to use too many fonts in your design. Stick to a most of two fonts, one for headings and one for wording.

It’s also very important that when choosing your fonts, you choose styles which are easy to read. The size will also play a role, too small and your customers aren’t going to read the information, too big and you will waste space, possible the space of another product you could have added to the page.

Break down the pages with care. If you are advertising a variety of products, try to keep them in categories, making it easier for your customers to find. Whether you’re producing an information booklet or a marketing booklet, make sure you keep your chapters or categories together, making it easier to read and give a good flow.

The finish of the booklet printing is as important as the information you include on the pages. What you choose as your seal, the cover you choose and the finished product are all imperative to the professional image you portray.

In most instances the booklet will have a laminate high quality paper to add durability and make sure it lasts. Staples are often used on the centre-fold to hold the book together. Together these finishes can produce outstanding results you can proud of.

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