Three-Way Split: Marketing, Sales And Customer Success Are Not Aligned 05/16/2022

Three-Way Split: Marketing, Sales And Customer Success Are Not Aligned 05/16/2022
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Email teams sensing a disconnect between marketing and the customer experience are correct: Only 29% of firms say their marketing, sales and customer success units are fully aligned, according to
The RevOps Difference, a study from Pedowitz Group, conducted by Ascend2. 

Of course, 69% are trying to align them, including 77% of marketers, but they have a way to

The problem is that firms tend to focus on marketing-sales alignment, and not as much on customer success, the study says.  

The outlook varies by
department: Only 21% of customer success respondents feel there is full alignment, versus 32% in sales, and 36% in marketing. 

The failure to align may explain why only 18% rate their
customer experience as excellent, or best in class. Still, 54% say their experience is above average.

Full alignment provides many benefits, including: 

Moreover, 86% strongly agree that providing an exceptional customer experience
significantly improves revenue growth.

On the downside, misalignment can result in these consequences:

And it’s not easy to provide an exceptional customer experience. The mail obstacles

On another front, 33% expect to far exceed their revenue goals in the year ahead, while
50% believe they will be slightly ahead. Another 15% say they have met their goals and few foresee a decline. 

In contrast, 16% said their revenue came in far above their goals last year,
while 46% said it came in slightly ahead. Another 26% basically met their goals, and 12% failed to meet them.  

Marketers are the most optimistic, with 73% expecting to beat their

The top means of improving revenue growth in the year ahead are: 

The greatest challenges to providing an exceptional customer experience are:

Marketers are more likely to complain about inaccurate data (36%), while customer success people gripe about ineffective leadership

Ascend2 surveyed 507 professionals. 

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