Tom Lewis’ Success Story: An Entrepreneurial Journey From His Bedroom to a Leading Social Media Marketing Agency, Marketerce

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Tom Lewis, Founder of UK-based leading marketing agency, Marketerce believes consistency is the ultimate torch-bearer to any kind of success in life. He strongly feels that it is very important for all entrepreneurs to focus on growing, even if it is just 1 percent growth each day. He also personally thinks that it is highly advantageous for all rising entrepreneurs to not be scared of failing. Since failing is the number one tool that will accelerate them to success.
The entrepreneurial journey for Tom began when he was using Facebook and Instagram advertisements to drive traffic to his e-commerce stores through the Dropshipping model. During this process, he learned the fundamentals of paid advertising by actually initially losing money in business investments, which motivated him to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t. He had multiple stores that failed, however, eventually a few that succeeded and later, went on to sell for over 5-figures.
Tom decided to sell off his e-commerce stores because he was extremely fascinated by the whole process of how Facebook ads worked. He wanted to understand how businesses could grow to their true potential by leveraging this tool in the best way. This led him to become a marketing freelancer. 
As a marketing freelancer, Tom initially limited his marketing services to local and small businesses. He focused on helping those businesses that were eagerly in need to grow through the implementation of paid advertising strategies and techniques using Facebook and Instagram. Soon, his clients began getting results, and more and more businesses approached him for the same services. From there on, things became unstoppable for him!
One of the biggest struggles he faced during this time was keeping up with his clients. At one point, he was burdened with the responsibility to manage 15 to 20 client portfolios on his own at the same. Doing all this all alone, and bringing good results in a small frame of time almost seemed impossible. Adequate time distribution, a good amount of attention to the client, and delivering top-quality services were his forte. And, he did not want to sacrifice it in any way.
Tom Lewis decided to scale back to a more comfortable and sustainable level in order to devise a way to scale back up more sustainably. He is now building out a team that would help him reach this goal. His main objective in making this move was to ensure that his client’s satisfaction is at the forefront of everything. All this led him to launch Marketerce, whose in-house team is growing day by day and delivers complete marketing solution packages for businesses in almost every industry!
Over the years, Tom has served hundreds of businesses at a global level, with some spending close to £1M in ad spend each year and generating a profitable 3-4 times return on this spend. He plans to expand Marketerce and keep growing businesses month upon month to eventually expand and have several HQs all over the world. Follow Tom Lewis on Instagram to leard more.

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