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Kristina: How has 2020 changed email for the future?

Nick Dujnic, VP of Marketing, LiveIntent: Email was already a huge tool for marketers at the beginning of last year: a January 2020 report showed that a whopping 88% of brands use email to communicate with their customers. The pandemic and race to replace cookies just further solidified email’s place at the center of marketing, monetization, and identity.

Kristina: What does a good email strategy currently look like?

Nick: A good email strategy requires understanding your subscribers and being flexible. This means paying attention to how readers engage with content to inform your strategy and pivot when needed. Email can be used as a low-risk vehicle for experimentation to determine what works for audiences (and should be built on) or what needs to be changed. Think of it like a focus group of your best customers or readers you have access to 24/7.

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips for email success?

Nick: The first most important tip is to keep everything from creative copy and layout simple and optimized for mobile.

Secondly, you should always meet the expectations of your subscribers. That means driving to a specific article, or having a dedicated landing page if conversions are your goal. Otherwise, you can just send someone to your homepage and hope they find their way to your sign-up form or wherever you want them to go.

Lastly, showcase value. When a consumer provides a brand or publisher with an email address, they’ve earned something in return. Emails should share your strongest content, reach audiences with personalized messaging, and continue to engage readers. In other words, make sure the relationship building continues even after they subscribe.

Bonus Tip: Finally, begin to think about email as more than a way to send and receive email. Think about it as the key to identity in a world without third-party cookies. Start to bring your Engineering, Strategy, Marketing, and Corporate Development teams in to ask how they’d like you to think about the incredible asset you sit on.

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