Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Leverage on in 2017 for Success

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Leverage on in 2017 for Success
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The transformation of social network into digital marketing media has been a game-changer for several brands. The exponential growth and evolution of social media marketing has made it a primary focus of all kinds of brands for marketing.

With more than 7 billion people using social media, no other place is better to showcase your brand than the social platform. Social networking sites are now a lucrative medium for brand marketers who are looking for opportunities everywhere to advertise their products.

 #1 Expansion of social media and ever increasing user base

In the past few years, there has been a huge upsurge of people using social networking sites to stay connected and it is believed that the number will continue to rise in the upcoming years. This is why the brand marketers have started focusing on being equipped with new social media marketing strategies.

So, don’t think that your old marketing strategies will keep working for years. In 2017, create winning strategies for social media marketing with the tips below.

#2 The evolution of Snapchat will bring a sea change in social media marketing

Well, being the latest trend riding on the social platform, Snapchat is giving a tough time to its competitors and quite evidently, will lead the arena of social media marketing in 2017. The quick expiry (and replenishment) of contents is the primary attraction of Snapchat. Here is how you can leverage it for social media marketing.

  1. Engage customers in real-time experience of an event by uploading live videos on Snapchat.
  2. Following the footsteps of Rebecca Minkoff, you can use Snapchat for sharing private data which customers will not find anywhere else.
  3. Invite your customers to participate in contests and offer exciting rewards to those who regularly check your Snapchat stories.

#3 Usage of social media analytics will enhance your decision-making skill

Social analytics tools are here to simplify your social media marketing; way more than it was in the previous years. With the help of these new tools, you do not need to grope in the dark to know the number of likes, comments, retweets, shares and views on the posts you have updated on social platforms.

For example, Buffer offers a free plan through which you can derive the viewers’ engagement statistics on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Google Analytics can also be a useful tool for social media marketing as it shows the number of page views. There are specific tools for social media sites such as Followerwonk for Twitter, Quintly for Facebook, Tailwind for Pinterest etc.

#4 Use Facebook Chatbot for engaging customers in intelligent conversations

Using artificial intelligence, the Facebook chatbot is a smart tool that savvy marketers can leverage for taking their business few steps ahead. It can assist by automating tasks, retrieving data and offering excellent response to customer queries enhancing their experience.

Facebook Chatbots became popular since April, 2016 when Mark Zuckerberg declared that third parties could utilize the messenger to create their own Chatbot. As customers are always looking for prompt responses, Chatbot does the job of engaging customers by replying to their queries with human assistance.

The popular examples of Chatbots are Siri and Chotu Bot. With the Facebook chatbot, brands can independently connect with their potential consumers and increase customer engagement and interaction.

#5 Live streaming videos are matchless

Nothing can engage a customer better than the live, raw and unedited versions of videos. Can you imagine, Snapchat videos get 10 billion views daily? Till 2004, YouTube was the ideal and the only place for watching videos. But later with Meerkat, Twitter and now Facebook “live” – streaming live videos has gained immense popularity and is going to be the next big thing for the social media marketers in 2017.

It is no longer enough to share your opinions on social media, according to Forbes, customers demand more vicarious experiences. It is your responsibility as a social media marketer to make your consumers feel genuinely a part of an event.

Using live videos as well as the 360 images and videos introduced by Facebook will also help you attract more viewers to your posts. Companies God is Good Motors (GIGM) has leveraged on the power of Social Media Tools Like Facebook and Instagram to drive maximum user engagement. Isn’t that the perfect social media marketing tool for 2017?

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