Track Your Results For Success — Email Marketing

Track Your Results For Success — Email Marketing
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Track Your Results For Success

track your resultsRecently, I met with some top leaders to talk about how things are going with TrafficWave, get a feel for what is working, and get some feedback on areas that could be improved. I was joined by George McBride, Dan G Fox, June Collier, Chase Swift, and Roger Douglass. It was interesting to see that most of these leaders had been with us previously, moved to a different service, and then came back to us here at TrafficWave.

It was great to get to know some of our leaders better and we plan to keep talking about how things are going, identifying how we can improve, and ultimately helping YOU succeed. Each of these leaders, while building their TrafficWave business, has other projects they are using these powerful tools for. They ranged from thai foo recipes to ebooks, traffic exchanges to software, marketing systems, and more.

George shared some of his experiences over the past 9 years about why he loves TrafficWave and one of the big reasons is our AdtTracker. The TrafficWave AdTracker lets you track your results so that you KNOW what is working and can focus your resources where they are most profitable.

Shortly after that meeting, George posted in our Facebook group to share some very important details. I thought I’d share his thoughts here:

track your resultsMy earnings come primarily from Affiliate Marketing. And primarily from Products, not ad sites or ebooks or software/program sales. One of my biggest sellers is Thai Food.

Tracking is essential for any business, service or Group. But for me I would be making so many mistakes if I was not tracking.
For example, Traffic Exchanges generally produce ZERO results for product sales of any kind. The only exception is a product sale that is really about building an affiliate business, like Keto Diets or something.
But I placed a range of Products on Traffic Exchange sites. I tracked each product and each site. I was surprised. Yoga products Zero, Tea and Coffee excellent, EBooks okay not great, All Natural Tooth Paste excellent, Purses, pretty good. But the Best???
Thai Food. Why? Because I did not sell the food directly. I offered a free Cookbook via email and I offered a FB Group join. Results, a total of over 87,000 subscribers. Sales have sky rocketed. I am Love it.
Without Tracking I would have never done the experiment or seen the results. I would not know which cooking video was a Viral King Video that resulted in about 45% of my subscribers. I would have been promoting all the videos, or my favorite video, but not the Viral King Video.
One of the very best tracking software programs costs $395.00 per month. Ouch, no way. Even costs $29 per month for their full tracking suite. With a TrafficWave subscription you get unlimited access to tracking ALL YOUR LINKS at no additional cost. Track all the links you want. Manage your tracking links in related groups. Change or update target links without having to go modify all your advertising. It is the perfect solution.”
Hopefully, this helps you see how important it is to track your results for maximum profitability.
Feel free to post your comments or questions. And be sure to join us for Email Marketing Monday!

Brian Rooney, CEO and Co-Founder

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