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TrafficWave Review - Email Marketing Success Stories — Email Marketing
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TrafficWave Review – Email Marketing Success

trafficwave reviewWe’ve heard it over and over: “The Profit Is In The List”. Sometimes, it helps to see real world examples of businesses using email marketing to not only generate leads, but to close more sales. While you can find a number of sites offering a trafficwave review, we wanted to  share with you some of the stories we have received from our users.

Here are some great examples of email marketing success stories from real businesses around the world to show you how they are using Autoresponders to increase business with email marketing:

I have been an avid TrafficWave User for several years now. I find it to be a powerful, flexible, reliable service that keeps me in contact with the people on my list. It is my number one internet tool for the development of my business, my ministry and my social connections.

I use it to build my business by educating my prospects, building trust with my prospects and when those prospects become customers they are loyal.

In my ministry I am able to keep people informed, provide distance education modules and serve large group meetings with efficiency and personal attention.

And finally, as I live far from my birth place, I keep friends family and new acquaintances up to date on all we are doing. So I use TrafficWave in all walks of my life, Professional Business development, Service to the community, and personal social circles. It is the best.

George McBride

“I love the professional email marketing services provided by TrafficWave. I personally use TrafficWave to create simple, yet effective capture pages to nail down $100-$1000 commissions in my big ticket business. TrafficWave is by far the most important business building tool I use. The price is fair and the service is extremely reliable. I also appreciate that TrafficWave has the best affiliate plan in the industry and that’s why I recommend it to all my business associates without reservation.”

– Ben  Olszewski
Affiliate Marketer / Swim Coach

“I have used Trafficwave for years for several of my email lists and love the fact that as my list grows my payment does not. I have thousands of people on my emails lists now and am still paying the same price. Trafficwave does what I need it to do with sending autoresponders and broadcasts and for the price, you cannot beat it!”

– Shelley Hitz, Author / Coach

“I’m a musician and have used Traffic Wave for several years now. I love the fact that this is a small company run by musicians. I can get great tech support and help from people who know what I’m after. The tech support is quick and very helpful.

Tony Miceli, Musician

“I have used other autoresponder services but I prefer TrafficWave because it works very well to deliver timely content to thousands of subscribers and the price is simply the best value anywhere. I use TrafficWave to keep my business partners informed and they are able to use my email campaigns for their teams. When asked if TrafficWave makes me money I smile and say, ‘absolutely!’”

Chase Swift

“No matter where I am or what I’m doing, my TrafficWave AutoResponder never sleeps!

I love using TrafficWave to generate leads, drives sales, and train my team!”

Didi Wargo
Affiliate Marketer

I am very happy with Trafficwave. We used another company without a flat rate. I was recommended to try TrafficWave and we started working with it. We transferred our entire list of followers and started again to grow the list. In the other company it was almost impossible due to the increase of the cost month after month. Trafficwave is fantastic. I recommend it. My company is dedicated to spreading and teaching how to use the power of positive thinking in Spanish. We are very happy to be members of TrafficWave.

Diego Luis Labrousse

“I began using the TrafficWave auto-responder on the front page of my web site in 2006. The auto-responder sends a free report about using press releases to promote an online business, along with follow-up messages. The auto-responder has freed me from manually responding to the hundreds of requests I receive for information every week. has also helped me to educate and inform my prospects, to help them come to a buying decision before I ever talk to them. This has enabled me to close more sales because my prospects are more highly qualified as a result of the information they receive from the auto-responder from TrafficWave. I can spend more of my time writing, instead of prospecting and selling.”

— David M. Bresnahan, Owner

I chose Trafficwave because of the simple price structure. As a beginning author, I have a limited marketing budget. I like the ease of setting up different campaigns for different books or blogs. My budget minded side of me likes knowing I’ll pay the same price whether my list is 50 or when it reaches 50,000.

I know the importance of having an autoresponder that is respected by the inboxes. I have peace of mind knowing my emails don’t end up in the SPAM or Junk folders.

We would love to share your TrafficWave Review! Post a comment below to let us know how you are using this system in your business or organization.

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