Trainee Marketing: The Best 7 Tips For Your Success

Trainee Marketing: The Best 7 Tips For Your Success
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Trainee Marketing: The Best 7 Tips For Your Success

Nowadays, trainee marketing is important for all training organizations. Regardless of industry, product, and orientation, all organizations have one thing in common: trainees are needed for long-term successful work. However, there is a big problem right there. The number of vacancies for apprentices has changed dramatically in recent years. However, the number of applicants from many organizations is declining every year. Successful trainee marketing fights against this development. And it also ensures that you can bring in real top training companies. Below you will learn why trainee marketing is important and how you can earn points here.

Why is trainee marketing important?

For companies, the search for suitable junior staff has become more important in recent years. But, it has taken on a more complex shape. The balance of schoolchildren that want to start apprenticeships after leaving school has declined in recent years. For example, high school graduates are more attracted to degrees than apprentices. This can be a problem for companies. Good trainees are needed for future survival. Young and innovative people often make significant progress or contribute to better ideas. More importantly, this promising talent decides through targeted trainee marketing for your organization – and not for any university space or even competition.

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The 7 best tips: This is how you can address trainees and win them over
There are a few things to consider if you want to address trainees. Below, we’ll show you seven best tips to help you significantly increase your rental success.

1. Choose the right channels: fish in the right pond
Of course, good and traditional themed job ads are still a way to recruit. But you have to keep in mind that young people mostly use social networks. Students and graduates sometimes spend a large part of their free time here so it is ideal to start with trainee marketing right here. You can draw attention to yourself on very different channels. These include, for example:

Important: Facebook is a very special case in this case. The range here is very large, but not necessarily for the younger generation. Compared to other social networks like Instagram or Snapchat, the average age of Facebook users is much higher.

2. Address: Always adapt to the target group

If you want to create an idea about young people, you should adapt your own address. This issue is especially important in social media. The approach here is less based on a professional approach. Humor and relaxation are certainly allowed. You should also think about how you want to address your potential applicants. Especially with Snapchat and Co. your “chances” are bad. With a “you” you can often achieve more with the younger generation. In addition, you should try to address young people as entertaining and informative as possible. Bad information about your company will not lead to success here.

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3. No theory: allow a look behind the scenes

Another possibility for trainee marketing is to gain practice insights. So you should give your potential buyers a look behind the scenes. It doesn’t always have to be in the shape of an open house. Instead, you can also rely on the power of social networks here. With a short video about the daily life of your organization, you can ideally draw the attention of many applicants to your organization and encourage them about the training. Another option is an organization blog. Here you will inform potential applicants in writing, not in video form. A combination of both ways is certainly possible.

4. Trainee Marketing through the back door: Cooperation with clubs

Especially creative employers take their trainees one step further in marketing. Here, for example, cooperation with clubs comes into question. A small-scale, for example, jersey or perimeter ad may be sponsored. Another possibility is to invite teams to visit your own company. As a rule, clubs are open to such activities. Your organization’s costs are usually limited when working with regional youth clubs. At the same time, you can actively address exactly the age group you want to address.

5. Get active in schools or at parents’ evenings

In the case of young people, parents have a big impact on their learning environment. Many students seek advice from their parents on whether to make their studies successful. You can start as an organization here. Parents at school in the evening have no problem handing out flyers, for example, even become their own guests. Of course, it also works in the context of digital meetings. That way, you can draw parents’ attention to your organization and make sure they influence their lineage. Important: When choosing a place to learn, parents usually focus on completely different things than their child. For parents, the terms of protection and structure are particularly interesting to clarify possible career opportunities.

6. Working with the right online platforms

In addition to job advertisements in newspapers or likes, you should rely on collaboration with online platforms. Many suppliers specialize in finding young professionals. Not only can you usually place an ad here, but you can also present a complete company profile. The more information you provide, the easier it is to build interest in your organization and create applications.

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7. Be brave: Focus on spectacular promotions

For adventurous entrepreneurs, especially promotional campaigns are an alternative to trainee marketing. These promotions tend to be provocative and interesting. This way, you can be sure that your organization is facing everyone, even young people. How you implement these promotions depends on you. The following applies to both advertising and larger publicity through the following posters: Be creative.

Conclusion: Create maximum opportunities and secure top talent

Trainee marketing is still a new field for many companies. However, the behavior of applicants has changed dramatically in recent years. Companies need to take steps to enable them to be referred to as highly skilled youth. Otherwise, the best talent can choose the competition. You don’t always have to invest huge amounts in training marketing. It is more important for young people to be creative and find the right person to identify themselves as an attractive employer than what they are looking for.

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