Understanding Why Buyer’s Journey Is Vital To Your Marketing Success

Understanding Why Buyer’s Journey Is Vital To Your Marketing Success
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Customer experience is a critical factor in spelling the difference between failure and success of your digital marketing strategy, especially when you are not fully aware of things you need to look out for.

In the digital age, virtual experiences are more prevalent compared to traditional and face-to-face transactions which are something businesses need to work with and adapt to stay relevant in these modern times.

One key element to seriously consider when developing your online marketing strategies is to understand the buyer’s journey and how you can incorporate it into your marketing campaigns.

What is the buyer’s journey?

In simple terms, the buyer’s journey is the process that a customer or buyer undergoes from the moment he or she starts to land on your page up until the time they decide to avail or purchase the product or service you are providing.

The buyer’s journey is a three-step process beginning with awareness, followed by consideration, and concludes with the decision.


It is at this stage where buyers experience a problem but are not yet actively looking for a solution and are considering looking for answers online or from potential references. It is at this point where they start to understand a challenge they are experiencing and look for content that can help educate them better about their particular challenge or problem.


This is the next stage of the buyer’s journey where they have determined their challenge and aim for a resolution. They are starting to evaluate the available general solutions that can help solve their problems or challenges, instead of focusing on a company or brand to provide them with the solutions.


This is the final stage where they are expected to make a decision based on their research and assessed all available solutions. This is when they have chosen a brand or company that can provide them with the best solution by going deep into knowing the brand and company that they have chosen and why they opt to choose it over other competitors.

Why a buyer’s journey is important

While consumer behaviours are constantly changing, there’s no doubt the recent Coronavirus pandemic has further predicated the need for business owners to address the market’s needs and adapt to the emerging changes.

By understanding that market behaviours can be addressed by moving forward with buyer’s expectations and preferences, marketing strategies also need to evolve to meet this demand.

When your marketing campaigns align with the pulse of your market, you can surely win them over and choose you over the competition.

How to attract buyers and get them started on their real estate journey with you

 You must understand what your customers are looking for, what problems they are commonly faced with, and how you can provide the solution or answers to benefit them.

You can start by doing your research and what common problems your real estate market is affected. You can then develop your content by devising solutions that can help answers or solve their problems.

Awareness content

People are aware of a challenge or problem that exists for them but have not exactly identified or specified what it is. 

To provide relevant content for this stage, it needs to focus on providing information on how people can identify and know what that problem is. Your content should be aimed at educating people about common problems and how to fix them.

For instance, a homeowner is having a problem of not getting enough warmth during cold nights and they’re not sure what could be causing the issue. A highly relevant question in their minds at this point is to ask “why is my home not warm enough” or “my house is too cold.”

Having content on your website or Facebook post that is entitled “Four reasons why your house is not warm enough and how to fix it” is something that will catch their attention and make them eager to read it through.

Consideration stage content

Now that they are aware of their issue or problem, they would know how to find the potential resources or solutions to help them fix it. 

For instance, you mentioned in your article that one of the issues causing the problem is defective or antiquated insulation that prevents absorption of cold air and finds out that the problem is what’s causing their house to not get enough warmth, providing them with information on how to solve this problem is critical.

Do take note that you should not push to sell them stuff right away, rather provide them with information to educate them about their problem. Your content must be objective and educate the reader regarding the pros and cons of having it fixed by a contractor, doing it themselves, consider a makeover, etc.

Help guide them to make the best decision by offering options and how they can go about it.

Decision stage content

This is the stage when buyers know what they must do and are looking to subscribe to the best available solution. 

For instance, they read in your article that based on the age of their home and financial situation, their best option is to sell the home rather than spend for a major renovation, they will be likely interested to find the right real estate agent to help them list their property.

Remember that your content should not be too obvious to choose you, rather educate them with options on how they can find the ideal agent by checking out credentials, track record, expertise, etc.

Of course, your content needs to have a call to action (CTA) such as “Need help? Contact us!”  or “Find out how we can help you.”

Your best takeaways for this are that your real estate business has succeeded in providing the market with compelling content that will help them go through each stage of the buyer’s journey and appeal to those wanting to know what their problems are, what options are available for them, and how they can have it fixed for them.

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