What metrics should be used to measure the success of your marketing Animated videos? | Top Digital Marketing Agency & SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

What metrics should be used to measure the success of your marketing Animated videos? | Top Digital Marketing Agency & SEO - Search Engine Optimization Services
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Okay, you’ve worked with your Animated video marketing strategy that aims to accomplish a number of goals. Some marketing Animated videos have been added. People are starting to watch these Animation videos and the reaction is coming, there are too many metrics to honestly measure the excess volume!

You don’t know what to do with all this information. You also cannot specify which metrics are associated with a particular marketing purpose. Then you have to select some of them. And you can only make this choice once you understand more about the matrix.

In the Amazing Video Adz videos, we’re happy to let you know that we’ll help you with this problem. So please feel free to tell us to what extent you need to measure the relevance of your Animated video marketing campaign.

Find out what success looks like. This is how you can identify it

Before you rate your Animated video, you need to be aware of the tools you are using to determine whether your Animated video marketing campaign is successful. Let’s explain

Purpose: is this what you want to achieve? Focus on one or possibly two main goals. And make sure they’re pretty clear!

Public: Who do you want to watch your Animated video? Try to pay close attention to the type of people who use your content. The more detailed your description is, the more it affects your video.

Matrix: Which metric do you need to consider? Pick a small set of metrics based on their usefulness. Your attention should be given to them as they provide very important information.

After all of these detailed explanations, start your engines when you start your assessment!

“Scenes” tell you where you are going

How many times has your video been viewed? Well, the “ideas” are responsible for just telling you, so that’s the most basic metric of all. This will be your first impression.

This is just the beginning of your assessment. Therefore, do not draw preliminary, unnecessary and misleading conclusions. If you have more data, take note of it and conduct an in-depth analysis.

Each platform has its own definition of view. Therefore, pay attention to the different definitions so that you receive reliable data: On YouTube, a video is considered a theory after only 30 seconds. With Facebook, this amount is reduced to just 3 seconds.

“Commitment” tells you about quality

“Engagement” is the most popular measure for marketers. Everything is fine, but what about it? Why is it so popular? The argument is not that complicated: this metric is a symbol for the share of a particular audience’s view and goes far beyond the view quality.

The information provided by this metric paves the way for multiple interpretations to determine whether the viewer can interact with the content contained in your Animated video.

A high engagement rate indicates that the history of your Animated video is gaining importance among your audience and that the story is completely consumed. This fact must be taken into account. “

Low engagement rates don’t affect you. Remember that all of this data depends on its context. There are also many things on the Internet that can appeal to your audience: Countless tweets, Facebook posts, and blog posts are created all the time. So don’t draw negative conclusions. Even if the viewers watch your entire video. If they don’t go, they at least feel busy with the content, and when the time of trouble is over, they can go back there.

“Game rate” gives you compatibility

Once you’ve embedded your Animated video into your website, two metrics are automatically generated: page views and replay counts. Together they form a playback rate. This is the percentage of people who clicked on your website and who also clicked the play button on your video.

This metric is an example of the type of content that is most answered by your target audience. Playback rate is also very helpful in getting a good idea of ​​how your website is managed, as it tells you whether you are effectively encouraging your visitors to call you. Put two actions into practice.

Since the context is important to judge your video from a playback rate point of view, take immediate action if you don’t get positive feedback: display your Animated video in several new places. Try it on a website until you find a place where more ideas come up. And more engagement.

“Shares” informs you about the social brand of your Animation video

If you want to see something online, it means that you like it. When a viewer watches an Animated video for themselves, that individual experience can be changed together by sharing the viewer’s video with family and friends.

It is your mission to enable the sharing of your video as this quality improves the ability to expand its functions. Sharing increases the potential impact of your content.

If some social networks receive your video more enthusiastically than others, the result already says something about the nature of your message. Remember that with every result of your analysis, you can learn more about the impact of a marketing campaign on your public.

If a social network doesn’t greet your video so much, don’t despair. Each outlet has its own dynamic status. So if you don’t get positive results on one channel, the same video may work better on another. So focus on that and maximize the benefits of this little win. Lift up

“Word of mouth” is another term that deserves your energy. Some marketers think this can be great, but you need to collect all the trash from your video feedback. Pay attention to what your audience comments, what impresses them the most, what inspires them, and so on. This interpretation may not be very reasonable, but it is really useful.

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