What to Do in a Creative Dry Spell

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It happens to all creative personality types. One day you wake up and feel as if you can’t think of one more creative thing.

Some people call this a “creative dry spell.” Writers may call it “writer’s block.” In any case, it means that you’re having trouble becoming creative when you need to be. But you can overcome and even leverage a creative dry spell and come out on top.

Disconnect for a While

If you use a lot of technology, watch TV a lot, or are otherwise using screens a lot, the best thing to do while you’re having a creative dry spell is to disconnect. Turn off the notifications, turn off the TV, and don’t answer your phone. Sometimes being bored is a huge catalyst for creativity.

Change Your Scenery

If you’re indoors, get outdoors. If you’re outdoors, go indoors. Not only will you fill your mind with new and exciting information that can spark creativity, you’ll also enjoy the change.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music can help you feel more positive and more creative. If your old music doesn’t work, try listening to an entirely new type of music you’ve not listened to before. Maybe classical music or other types of music will trigger your brain into creative mode.

Get Moving

If your creative space requires you to sit, such as with writing, you want to get up and get moving. Go for a long walk. Jump rope. Dance. Get your blood pumping and get away from the computer.


Find something positive to read so that you can just think of something new for a while. Reading is always good if you find something helpful to read, because you will be learning at the same time.

Go Through the Motions

Sometimes you have deadlines and you don’t want to be creative, or you feel like you can’t. It’s important to believe in the process and start from the beginning and just do it from point A to point B. You may surprise yourself.

Just Do Anything

Don’t worry about whether what you do is good or bad. Just do something, anything, even if it’s totally silly. That will help you trigger your creativity. Right in the middle, it might help you more than you think.

Hire Someone to Do It for You

You can always find someone else to do whatever it is you need. Can’t come up with a good book cover design for that client you wanted so badly? Find someone to outsource to and work with them to come up with new ideas.

Try a Different Creative Endeavor

Sometimes, simply switching to a new creative activity can help. If you’re a writer, try painting or knitting. These activities can trigger more creative sparks and help you overcome it, while also adding something new to your life.

Take Care of You

Eating right, staying hydrated, moving enough, and sleeping right all add to your ability to be creative when you need to be. If you really want to be creative, take care of yourself as well as you can.

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