Why Becoming an Author Boosts Credibility

Categories: Business ideas

When you take the time – sometimes years – to author a book that is well received by your audience, it’s really an automatic boost to your credibility. The book gets press, which means you get press, and the snowball effect happens.

Before you know it, you seem as if you’re an overnight success even though it took years.

You Get More Press

When you publish your book, you’ll send out press releases. You’ll also have a party celebrating the book being published, which will get a press release too. You’ll go to a book signing (or several) and go on a tour, all of which are designed to get more sales and spread the word about your message.

You Can Claim Author Status

Now that you’ve authored a book, even if it’s not an NYT bestseller, you can be introduced as an author everywhere you go and in all the bios you write. Even if you’ve only written one book, you can say “Author of XYZ Book”.

You Can Speak at Events

Based on the topic of the book, you can become a speaker at various types of events. You can even be invited as a keynote speaker. The minute your book is out there, sign up with speakers’ bureaus and with any organization that needs speakers about your topic.

You’ll Get Book Reviews

Eventually, positive book reviews will pour in, and that is going to boost your credibility even more because you’re going to publicize every single positive review you get.

People Will Endorse Your Work

From near and far there will be people who become fans of your work and who will endorse your work. If your work resonates with people, they will say so. You might even get an endorsement from someone famous, which will catapult you to a totally new level. Hint: If there is a famous person you think the book will resonate with, send them one.

You’ll Get Interview Requests

Once you have done the book tour, you’ll start to get more interview requests for podcasts, radio shows, TV shows, and YouTube shows. Once people see how engaging and entertaining you are, they’ll want you on their show.

You Prove Your Knowledge

The book isn’t the only thing that proves your knowledge. Even if you hire a ghostwriter, you’ll prove your knowledge during the interviewing process, because that’s what’s going to show that you know your stuff and increase your credibility as an expert.

You Have a Platform

Once you’re an author, you have a real platform in which to truly grow your fan base and reach so many more people. Use it for everything it’s worth before you write your next book.

To build credibility with your book, it takes a little more than just writing and publishing it. You must do some work promoting the book, talking about the book, and showing your knowledge regarding the topic by contributing as a keynote speaker, blog writer, article writer and more. But, it all starts with the book, which will act as your calling card.


The best place to start is to publish an eBook. You may think it’s a pretty simple process. Or you might think researching, writing, formatting, publishing and marketing your eBook is incredibly difficult. The reality of the situation is somewhere in the middle of those two schools of thought. For more info, download my free checklist, How To Write An eBook at https://jonallo.com/ebook