Why Relationships Make For Marketing Success – Trusty Marketer

Why Relationships Make For Marketing Success - Trusty Marketer
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, I know this is not the easiest of Valentine’s Days for many people so what we’re talking here is all kinds of love.

We’re going to start with a look at relationship marketing, then move on to the relationship niche (so hot right now) and we’ll finish up with some of my best resources to help you love yourself even better at this time.

Sounds good?

Let’s do it.

First up, relationship marketing which is especially important right now. Scratching your head at what this even is?

Read this:

Of course, social media is a great place to build relationships – here are 8 ways to do so with your customers:

I gave you some niche ideas and links last week which included the relationship and dating niche which has boomed during lockdowns.

I also emphasised the importance of finding a sub-niche and there are some good ideas for the relationship niche here (as well as others):

More excellent advice here, especially on why you should never consider this market saturated:

As for you, loving yourself might sound a little woo woo but it is absolutely fundamental to success in anything…and most especially in life.

But how do you learn to love yourself? In the steps laid out here:

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