Your Path to Marketing Success – Create a Customer Profile

Your Path to Marketing Success – Create a Customer Profile
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Do you dream of doubling or tripling your business?

Every business needs an effective marketing strategy. customer-profile-08072015One of the most fundamental aspects of a strong marketing plan is developing your customer profile. Creating your customer profile based on the following information will make a huge difference in your marketing strategy.

Without a doubt, customer profiling will increase your sales. Trying to sell products without a customer profile is like poking in the dark.

For example, if you sell to individual consumers you want to know their age, education, income level, location, spending habits, etc. If you sell to businesses, find out what industry they are in, their revenue, number of employees, how much they spend, and what other suppliers they use.

Unless you are a brand new business find out as much you can about your existing customers. Study your sales records, interview your customers, and get as much information from them as you can.

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Don’t ignore one of the most important parts of marketing: defining your ideal customer.


Define your ideal customer. What similarities do they have?

Our customer is:

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Our customers are located in:

Buying decisions are based on:

Who makes the buying decision?

Buying frequency:

Buying channel:

Reach out to current customers to learn about why they bought from you:

Create customer personas:

Only after you have created your customer profile will you be able to focus on the appropriate target market. The customer profile will prevent you from wasting your marketing dollars. Your customer profile will help you be more consistent with your marketing messaging.

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